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AESTHETIC IS THE RESULT This guideline principle is our consistent orientation. Since 1921 – For 100 years – We are developing new instruments. Quality "Made in Germany".

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This is always our guiding principle when discussing how to improve existing instruments/surgical techniques and treatment processes with users and
development partners.

The best solution is always the one that improves the quality of treatment for the patient, preferably with a shorter course of treatment.

Since 1921 the company Helmut Zepf has been manufacturing dental and surgical hand instruments and exporting them to 70 countries worldwide.

100 years of tradition and experience have given rise to a program of dental instruments that can now fully meet the demands of today’s dentists, implantologists and dental technicians.

The family-managed company in the fourth generation is bound to a tradition of supplying only high-Quality instruments, ”MADE IN GERMANY”. Close business relationships, some of which have existed for decades, are proof of the trusted partnership with our customers.

Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik GmbH
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78606 Seitingen-Oberflacht

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Since 1921 – Quality "Made in Germany" That’s not just something we pay lip service to. Zepf had the claim to provide high-quality functional instruments long before one could even speak of Quality Management and regulations related to medical products. When the first Medical Device Directive was adopted in 1994, our company already existed for 73 years and was managed in the third generation by Helmut Zepf.

Today, 27 years later, our claim has not changed. The company is now managed in the fourth generation by Patrick Zepf – of course without any compromise if the compliance with regulations or quality requirements is
concerned. We are developing new instruments and donot focus on copying, but we are setting new trends.

These were the milestones of our recent product developments: Xcision & ROBA (patented) Extracting Forceps, demountable EX-LOG Extracting Forceps (patented), X-TOOL, BENEX (patented), SPINLOCK MICRO INSTRUMENTS, DropControl Blade Holder (patented) and many more.

Nanopal® M5 Curettes in Z-Shape Handles

Nanopal® M5 Curettes in Z-Shape Handles

The Z-Shape Relax Handle is designed according to the ergonomic needs of a curettage. The new handle as well as the delicate surfaces of the tip are coated with the new ZEPF nanopal® coating. The curette offers a perfect adaption to deep roots. With the nanopal® coating the surface hardness is increased to 4500 Vickers – as never seen before. The blade is highly quenched and does not need to be sharpened.

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Drop-Control® Blade Holder

Drop-Control® Blade Holder

The patented ZEPF Drop-Control® Blade Holder combines the design of the regular blade holder 46.007.00 with a new and revolutionary function. With reference to the mechanism of a ball pen, the blade will be dropped off and falls safely and controlled into a tray or a cup.
The advantage is that the used blade can be removed in a controllable way in order to prevent a contamination.

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Benex® Extraction System

Benex® Extraction System

In modern dental treatment, implantology following extraction is increasingly favoured. Consistent with the principle of minimal invasion, conserving soft and hard tissue structures is a must. Due to the longitudinal extraction, the modified Benex® guarantees a gentle and simple extraction of roots in the whole mouth. It is nearly impossible to harm the soft tissue and the surrounding bone.

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